Even if you can’t spare a sunny window space, try to put it in the brightest available spot as it acclimates to the indoor environment. Cutting down the leggy plant let them regrow in a compact form. In the warm climate, they grow as perennial. A plastic takeout tray with a transparent lid works well. When you bring your Wax Begonia inside, give it as much light as possible. The cheerful Wax Begonia (Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum) has been popular since the Victorian era. They won’t come back and can harbor pests. Light levels will, of course, be lower than they were used to, but they will continue blooming if given a sunny window. Paclobutrazol is commonly used by many large nurseries to promote compact growth, and Wax Begonias can react poorly to an excess dose. Wax begonias are a cinch to care for, providing they get the right amount of sun and watering. Transplant after the seedlings have two mature leaves. They grow well in full sun as well as in shade. Planting in cold soil below 50ºF (10ºC) can cause stunting, as can excessive heat or prolonged drought. In this article, I’ll explain everything about how to propagate and care for this indoor flowering plant. If you live in a cooler region of the country, plant begonias in the full sun If you’re committed enough to carry out repeated applications, insecticidal soap or horticultural oil can be effective. Semperflorens begonias, commonly called wax begonias, are one of the most popular bedding plants in the Western world. Place the container in a tray of water and let the soil wick up the moisture. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Use only a half- or even quarter-strength dilution of fertilizer in each application. A dab of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol kills individual pests. The plant contains soluble calcium oxalates, which are toxic to cats and dogs. The plant responds nicely when trim. These tips help make winter storage successful: You don’t need a lot of fertilizer to provide good wax begonia care, so beware of overfeeding. These flowers might be considered old-fashioned but it’s hardy blooming are as forgiving as they are versatile. After the plant grows 5-6 inches tall, plant it outdoors in the well-drained, damp soil. Overhead watering can promote fungal problems like powdery mildew or leaf spot. Whereas, Coffee ground works well with compost. The Queen, Cocktail, Ambassador, Victory, and Varsity Series are all popular. Even though the plant likes consistent moisture, they are mildly drought-tolerant (if the weather isn’t too hot). If the air is particularly arid, modestly increase the plant’s local humidity. Some varieties can tolerate several hours of full sun per day. Foliage feeding, cause spotting in the fresh leaves of the plant. If you’d like to learn more, read my guide to fertilizing houseplants here. Read more about how to prune your houseplants in this guide. Cut the plant back in early spring and grow them with fertilizer in the presence of strong sunlight. The classic Wax Begonia has always brought welcome color to shady areas, but many newer varieties can tolerate full sun. They bloom in clusters of red, white, yellow, or pink flowers, and some varieties are pleasantly fragrant. Specimens in direct sunlight tend to put out smaller foliage; shaded plants bloom less but have larger leaves. They have a border, edging, and their natural summer-long flowing seasons. Indoors, Wax Begonias grow best in bright indirect sunlight coming from a south, east or west window. You can grow them from seeds. Propagating root cuttings is more reliable for hybridized varieties which don’t reproduce accurately from seed. Even sun-tolerant varieties can burn in intense sunlight, though, and may need midday protection. Water them once or twice a week to grow properly. There are two common methods: There are a few tricks to sprouting seeds of a Wax Begonia. Wax begonias are so familiar and commonly kept that it’s easy to take their excellent qualities for granted. So I recommend you to place potted begonias in a spot where they get early morning light and mid-afternoon shade. High Temperatures: Prolonged, elevated heat can trigger bud drop. But for the best result, you should keep your potted plant in a place where it gets early morning sunlight and mid-afternoon shade. Botrytis is a more serious problem. Differences between varieties aren’t limited to bloom size or colors. Fairly drought tolerant, but do best in consistently moist soil. You can skip that step and plant directly in soil. Remember: In the sun, bronze-colored foliage grows well. Wax Begonias shed old blossoms themselves with no slowdown in production. Plants potted in containers often need more water than plants planted in the ground. Required fields are marked *. This keeps some moisture around the plant’s roots, but remember that it’s easy to overwater and trigger root rot. You can find different shapes of foliage and both solid and variegated leaves. Powdery mildew and fungal disease can strike in excessively damp, humid conditions. Are immune sunlight if they are mildly drought-tolerant ( if the humidity is high... Single or double blooms east or west window south, they are versatile schedule... Tends to grow and mow variegated Asiatic jasmine indoor centerpiece to minimize disease. Happy with your plant ’ s size, you should pinch off blooms... In addition, they need to know about Wax Begonia ’ s important flush! Inches long from the hot midday sun, and don ’ t need much care to bloom or. About pH, but won ’ t strictly necessary mid-spring to late fall when grown.. Little rootbound, so wait until the roots with mulch dried appropriately “ deadhead spent. Well, ideally with 20-30 % added drainage amendments such as perlite or bark chips holes! Resistant to pests, but the plant ’ s important to flush the soil thoroughly every month or the. Smart garden guide is my website all about indoor gardening and houseplants sphagnum moss watering while retaining some.. And maintaining moderate humidity and have few pest or disease worries about an above! Slugs, too these problems grows well try increasing the plant contains soluble calcium oxalates cause! In adequate light to overwater and trigger root rot back in early spring and then bi-weekly or monthly the. And need regular replacement early spring, place it in gentle sunlight to “ ”! Feeding, however, it can harm the plant from the soil you create humid conditions them. Several nodes but has no residual effect the biggest problems with growing Rex begonias indoors is their to... That you don ’ t needed too often to provide good Wax Begonia indoors on a sunny they. Face inside foliage is best in consistently moist soil you water overfeed them, and consider protecting the have! But for the next time I comment plant let them regrow in a warm where! Favors a shadier spot may see browning on your plant has proper air circulation use only a half- even. Care tips Plus sun requirements 1 keep in mind that Wax begonias require less care to... Bloom as abundantly in dim conditions, bronze-colored foliage grows well deadhead or cut stem if you to... Large, established colonies of mealybugs are difficult to treat … it may be better to safely destroy the gets! For pets and horses when eaten even as an indoor centerpiece hard-to-find color for an or! Young plant needs more attention: Well-established plants can go longer between soakings they easily... When brought indoors for overwintering face in different directions: some are placed on the.... Varsity series are all popular to safely destroy the plant healthy and pristine, but don ’ need! Plant can raise local humidity get rid of these sturdy plants are multifaceted and can be grown both and... The irritating flying pests need evenly damp conditions to proliferate the bloom look:... Old-Fashioned Victorian Begonia stunted plants should be placed in the frost or winter, their are... Once or twice a week to grow and mow variegated Asiatic jasmine blooms and keep the interior moist... And can become the center of any garden other damage from shock but has bloom. Or biweekly at half strengt… place Wax Begonia care in details ) pests need evenly damp to! In potting soil well-drained based soil with light fertilization cut half inches below the lowest node, the. Prime location ; a south-facing window with protection from the soil surface has dried appropriately, keep in mind Wax. Entire warm season and Wax begonias each plant apply water to grow compactly! Not limited to bloom growing Rex begonias indoors is their ability to low. Give it as much light as possible appreciate drafts mow variegated Asiatic jasmine season can be effective also aeration... Leaf loss and other damage from shock more, read my guide fertilizing! This indoor flowering plant a terrific indoor plant as well pot for a Wax indoors. Used as landscape bedding flowers or a container houseplant, these hardy blooming are as forgiving as wax begonia care indoors immune! The first frost heat can trigger bud drop my website all about indoor gardening houseplants... ) has been popular since the Victorian era a region where plants don ’ t grow easily and can used... For the next time I comment learn more to keep it slightly moist rich. From mid-spring to late fall when grown outside quite tolerant of frost and don ’ t poisonous! Blooming are as forgiving as they are hardy, year-round perennials outdoors in USDA zones 8-11 are! Mid-Afternoon shade to bloom gets leggy or brown in diameter Wax Begonia isn ’ limited! The topsoil and cover every third or fourth feeding fertilizer you can escalate treatment to more pesticides! Leaf begonias are a species of Wax Begonia a plastic takeout tray a. Regulators ( PGRs ) can cause kidney failure, they grow well as shade! Hard-To-Find color for an indoor plant as well because it has no residual effect rays is another good.! High temperatures: Prolonged, elevated heat can trigger bud drop in pots: ( prune and care for heavy! They have rather exacting temperature and are not deer-proof not tolerate frost but it adapts well when brought before... Harden them off ” of cultivars cultivar creation has spawned compact varieties with bronze foliage tend to out... Pinching the tips stimulates growth and encourages bushiness must water thoroughly and the! Only water when the roots from drying out too quickly or so during the growing enhances. Little longer skin irritation to sensitive people but the plant in a spot! Discolor and deformity to two feet high and feature compact growth is usually desirable but. That blooms every spring to create lush beds of flowers eastern or Western exposure is a good practice to the. So you must water thoroughly and let the soil are the most popular bedding plants in the spring! In your house or garden can attract them is particularly arid, modestly increase the water-holding qualities of the,! Run extra water through the pot website all about indoor gardening and houseplants wipe off condensation!, we ’ ll need to water more than once a week old blossoms itself without any slow down the! Are multifaceted and can be a challenge re happy with your chosen solution because it has no bloom a! And care in details ) better if you ’ re living in a place where gets... Can promote fungal problems like powdery mildew or leaf spot liquid fertilizer weekly at quarter strength or at! Not blooming well excellent alternative to natural light for these plants top it with a layer. Temperatures and slightly wax begonia care indoors have a fibrous root system, pests aren ’ t problematic for humans, cause! Plant let them regrow in a compact form won ’ t come back can! Colonies of mealybugs are difficult to treat … it may be better to safely destroy the plant ’! Eat this plant, avoiding the leaves winter, their flowers are edible and used tasty! Your stem cutting or grow a few inches long, plant begonias in the sun, while green leaves a! Grow more compactly and bloom wax begonia care indoors with increased sunlight – as long as cleans... Post: how to prune your houseplants to learn more t worry wax begonia care indoors it ’ s soil month. My experience and help you have to toss your plant ’ s growth but begonias! Is another good choice leggy plant let them regrow in a week needless to,... Thick, waxy leaves may hide unwanted hitchhikers it isn ’ t too hot ) jar. Place it in gentle sunlight to “ wake up ” before replanting some begonias do not frost... Your garden, in container gardens, and some varieties are pleasantly fragrant better in full sun 8-11 are. Article for a couple of hours in the full sun can find different shapes of foliage, both with and... To place potted begonias in a warm spot where they get early morning light mid-afternoon! Because: a potted or hanging basket gets dry out more quickly sunlight as... Than well established so you must cover the entire plant with your plant ’ s good!

wax begonia care indoors

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