Hunting in New Zealand – the animals I have kept the photographs below separate from the main hunting post as they are sure to offend some people. The perfect "top off" to your New Zealand big game hunt. Tahr are one of the most sought after trophies in the alpine world, with the mane of a lion and the strut of a grizzly bear, the mountains are their domain. NEW ZEALAND HIMALAYAN TAHR HUNTS The only place on Earth these unique animals (Tahr) can be hunted are the Southern Alps, central South Island of New Zealand. The main New Zealand Hunting post has images which are about the hunting lifestyle and do not contain any shot animal photographs and should not offend most people. Red Stag Hunting. Add a sika, fallow, or rusa stag to the list while you’re here. There is also the opportunity to shoot an Arapawa ram or feral goat. We hunt them on foot, we're hunting wild, free range animals with excellent success rates. Arapawa sheep and goats were introduced by the early whalers in the early 1800's as a (captive) local food source. They are also ideal as a first trophy for novices and as an affordable New Zealand big game trophy for youth hunters. Tahr Trio - Matar Tahr Gold Medal SCI 46.375 Tahr Chris Goggans SCI 45.65 MED Tahr Jeff Martinez … What makes New Zealand Safaris tahr hunts different? Poronui is home to some of the best red stag hunting in New Zealand, yet it’s also a unique hunting destination due to the extra species available. Cervus Elaphus were introduced to New Zealand from British Stock between 1851 and the early 1900’s, and are the most widespread deer species found in New Zealand.

new zealand hunting animals

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